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Digital Marketing Trends Still Happening in 2017

It is the circulation and ebb in the digital marketing world. As a result, organisation people feel like they are mapping uncharted waters when it comes to attaining the requirement of budget and method for the year ahead.

The media choice today have grown more than ever, and numerous business are left fighting for less attention. The needs and demands of competitive and trustworthy digital marketing firms like SEO Gold Coast likewise soared up high. Now, here’s the biggest digital marketing motions that you must pay attention this year (2017).

1. Advertorials or (Native Ads).

Advertorial is an initial combination of ads and editorial features. Advertorials are adaptive to the style of the website, but commonly includes a call-to-action strategy in the content that links the sponsors’ website.

These ads are typically seen on publishing websites like BuzzFeed and Forbes and might be available in various forms. On the presidential election last year, news sites are bombarded with sponsored ad contents that posed political commentaries.

2. Relied on Testimonials.

Statements may not be a new principle, however this year (2017), businessmen and business owners ought to believe beyond the ‘standard statement’ box. It’s not adequate to collect evaluations in regional directories.

Recently, reviews can be ciphered so that online search engine acknowledge them as such, making them among the most valuable pieces of the site material. Your website will be prominently put on online search engine results if you can produce more evaluations on your site.

Testimonials should occupy the upper corners of your website including web page, contact page and other pages that are relevant to the remainder of the material. It is also beneficial to present different kinds of demographics and buyers to promote a variety of items that you offer or problems that your business resolves.

3. Expedition Into Video.

As we know it, a video is an essential tool in your arsenals for digital marketing. Naturally, this area will stay for a very long time. Simply beside Google, Youtube is the 2nd most used online search engine online that offers enticing visual opportunities to catch the attention of the audience.

Digital video provides a collection of other formats in addition to 360-degree videos, webinars, and videos made for Instagram. There is live streaming too that is becoming more universal, that is why establishing your video strategy is very important.

The addition of Facebook Live in the arena has actually just secured a dependable spot for live video marketing with any company’s marketing mix. We can even see different business that are harnessing live videos in a range of ways like presentations, directed trips, and item launches simply among others.

As a bonus offer, utilizing live video chat interactions increases the company’s customer’s complete satisfaction by engaging with their customers in real time.

4. VR (Virtual Reality).

Relatively new and perhaps a little premature for adoption sometimes, virtual reality holds promising marketing chances that are going to be tough to ignore quickly. It is more than just a technology to anticipate.

Producing virtual stories that resonating with the target market opens opportunities for companies to utilize people’s interest over virtual reality innovation and transforms them into profit and develop client relationships at the same time.

The famous outside and treking clothing maker Merrell released a campaign called VR headset where the user might walk around and immerse in a virtual journey where they experience a realistic engagement in the scene like walking over a treacherous wood bridge in the mountains.

This type of experience is unquestionably more interesting to the customers compared to other forms of digital marketing because it enables the users to entirely absorb the material with fewer diversions. And because this principle is amazing, customers are more likely to keep in mind the experience for a longer period.

The only downside of the idea is that just bigger companies can manage to include VR into their marketing spending plans because it’s really pricey.

5. Mobile Pillar.

It needs to not come as a surprise that HALF of searches are now carried out on mobile phones. The inclusion of mobile technique in the digital marketing strategy is a must. To some clients, mobile site traffic is controling over desktop traffic, and this trend is anticipated to last for a very long time.

If you are not confident that your website has a mobile charm, you can just check out the website using your phone and check how the website displays on the screen. The total visual and state of mind of the website need to alter on the mobile. For example, the call-to-action buttons might appear bigger, and contents may be straight customized to an easier variation.

Additionally, enhancing mobile is vital in producing a seamless experience for a significant part of clients. Take your time to augment a practical style rather than a separate mobile website.


The ever-evolving world of digital marketing is in the continuous state of flux. Indeed, it is a genuine challenge for digital marketers to stay relevant, stay up to date with the latest patterns and stay in the loop with techniques and cutting-edge innovations. However, at the end of the day, what constantly matter is the satisfactory experience that consumers get because your services or products are commendable.